Our Yearlong Adventure Includes;

  • Unique tips and insights from Earl May Nursery & Garden Center experts Tim Rundlett and Jeff Lanphier (get ready to wow your friends and neighbors!)
  • Joe and Lynette Streck and family of Van Meter as they build their own food and flower garden from the ground up (literally)!
  • Farmer Mark Jackson of Rose Hill who will welcome you to his farm to see and hear modern agriculture up close (the family farm includes a garden and tons of flowers, too)
  • Special offers from Earl May
  • Tons of opportunities to win all kinds of Earl May garden and backyard gear perfect for your home or apartment (have you seen one of those miniature gardens or plants that grow with air?)!

"Whether in backyard gardens or on farms large and small, Iowa is a great place to grow food. Our partnership with Iowa Food & Family is a natural one that encourages more people to garden and grow flowers. It also brings greater awareness of the dedication and creativity of Iowa’s farm families to put food on our tables." 
     — Deanna Anderson, director of marketing, Earl May Nursery & Garden Center

"Farmers and gardeners have a lot in common. It takes hard work and perseverance to grow food. It also requires stewardship and life-long learning as weather, pests and disease constantly surprise. It’s often said that farmers are just like gardeners, they just use bigger equipment!"
     — Mark Jackson, farmer, Rose Hill