Vegetable Garden Timeline

Getting Started

  1. Garden Planning
    1. suggest either the family stop into the store or Tim do an initial meet/greet at their home
    2. go through the seed catalog and discuss what they would like to grow
    3. Take a soil sample to determine what, if any, amendments are needed

Garden Prep

  1. Work ground
  2. Spread amendment
    1. PH
    2. Structure
    3. Compost
    4. Oma-Gro

Plant Garden

  1. Early Crops include:  cole crops, lettuce, onions, radish, potatoes, peas, turnips
  2. Strawberries and small fruits are early spring
    1. Keep garden cultivated until May 1, then apply a weed preventer and hydro straw
  3. After frost date, May 10, plant remainder of veggies:  tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, melons, zuchinni
    1. For continuous crop, plant in intervals
  4. Plant containers:  herbs, tomatoes, berries, space saver veggies

Maintenance And Harvest

  1. Harvest fruits and veggies as they ripen
  2. Preventative maintenance between May 15-30
    1. Repels-all – natural animal repellant
    2. Captain Jack’s – natural insect control
    3. Liquid Copper fungicide – natural

Put Garden To Rest

  1. After crops are harvested
    1. Remove vegetation
    2. Work ground
    3. Compost

Tools Needed

  1. Shovel
  2. Hard Tooth Rake
  3. Hoe
  4. Garden Hose/Watering Can
  5. Good Soil
  6. Soil Amendments
  7. Seed
  8. Plants