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July — It's always a great time to eat eggs!

Posted July 1, 2014 at 8:08 am by Kristen Porter

If you’ve ever been driving around town looking for gas, donuts, or a thirst-quenching drink, chances are you’ve found salvation at a local Casey’s General Store. With over 1,800 stores in 15 states throughout the Midwest, Casey’s has been committed to serving its customers in both metropolitan and rural areas with clean stores, friendly employees and, of course, delicious food since it was founded in 1968.

Speaking of tasty eats, recently I was able to visit one of my local Casey’s General Stores to get the inside scoop on one of their most popular food offerings – Breakfast Pizza! Casey’s breakfast pizza holds a special place in my heart. The chewy crust topped with creamy cheese sauce, crumbled sausage, loads of shredded cheese, and a heap of scrambled Iowa eggs is a treat I grew up eating often. I bet you’ve got your own memories of the yummy pizza, but did you know that by eating a slice you’re also eating local?

Iowa is the largest producer of eggs in the country, cranking out 15 billion eggs a year. That’s enough to circle the globe nearly 22 times! Not only does Casey’s support Iowa’s egg farmers by carrying their shell eggs in all their stores, but they also go through a million and a half pounds of scrambled eggs each year in their breakfast pizzas, which I had a chance to make during my visit. Click here to see how a fresh Casey's Breakfast Pizza is made!.

The concept of breakfast pizza was dreamt up by Casey’s food services department in 1985 as a way for their customers to enjoy breakfast on the go. Since its debut, the a.m.-inspired pizza has helped Casey’s reach the title of 5th largest pizza chain in America. That’s crazy, people!

Each breakfast pizza is made from scratch with local products when possible, including not only the scrambled eggs but pork sausage, too. While pepperoni pizza is Casey’s number one seller, customers are very vocal about their love for the unique, one-of-a-kind breakfast pizza which is sold all day. Yep, breakfast pizza isn’t just for breakfast anymore! No matter what...

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