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August — Eating Local

Posted August 4, 2014 at 3:03 pm by Kristen Porter

These days there's plenty of buzz around "eating local." Supporting the people who grow and raise our food has fortunately become top of mind for a lot of diners. But did you know that eating local can be as easy as visiting your local Subway sandwich shop?

Joe Fisher, a Subway franchisee who owns several shops in and around the Ames area, recently invited me to the grand opening of his newest location to tell me how Subway supports Iowa's turkey farmers in a major way. Joe's been in the business for decades starting from the time he worked behind the counter at his parent's Subway sandwich shop as a kid, to when he branched out and bought his own location. This, Joe informed me, is the case for a many Subway owners. It's all in the family. Check out my full interview with Joe.

I was excited to hop behind the counter at Joe's shop to try my hand at making a Subway sandwich. Watch the video of me making my sub! Let me tell you, it's harder than it looks. While layering freshly baked bread with meat and fresh toppings, I learned there's a precise formula to crafting a Subway sub. Eight slices of meat topped with four slices of cheese, six of each veggie, and three passes of sauce – all of your choosing, naturally. My favorite combo is turkey, pepper jack cheese, bacon, avocado, cucumbers, banana peppers, and ALL THE PICKLES (on a bed of baby spinach – no bread for this gluten-intolerant gal.) The beauty of eating at Subway though is that the combo is completely up to you. In fact, Joe informed me there's over 37 million different ways to make a Subway sub!

I asked Joe what their most popular order is and his immediate answer was turkey, of course. In fact, Subway sells almost twice as much turkey as any other meat and guess where the majority of the turkey used in Subway sandwich shops in North America is raised? Iowa. Guess where it's harvested? Iowa. Sliced, sold, and distributed? You guessed it, Iowa.

The turkey's coming from West Liberty Foods in Mt Pleasant, which is Iowa turkey farmer owned....

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