August: Farm Life Journal

By Mark Jackson

With harvest quickly approaching and crops racing to maturity’s finish-line Mark Jackson shares how he is preparing despite the severe drought conditions. His garden is producing a bountiful harvest, which he and family will enjoy all year long with soups, roasts, pickles and more! Mark also bids a tearful farewell to his beloved, furry companion – Murphy. Read more here…

Here Comes the Barn! Balloon Sculpting at the Fair!

By Erin Wicker

John and Johnna Perry of Kansas City, Missouri, are world record holders in the balloon sculpture field and have brought their talents center stage at the Iowa State Fair with the Iowa Food & Family Project. Learn more about the Perry’s, their art and what you can expect to see when you stop by the exhibit in the south atrium of the Varied Industries Building!

Food Conversation is All About You, the Consumer

By Lindsey Foss

With approximately 20,000 regional, national and international guests in Iowa for the World Pork Expo last month, what do you think a recurring theme of discussion was?


In a seminar titled, “Farm to Fork: Healthy Animals, Healthy Food, Healthy People,” three panelists discussed how shoppers’ choices impact farmers, retailers and all those involved in the farm-to-table process.

July: Farm Life Journal

By Mark Jackson

In this month's Farm Life Journal, Mark Jackson is sharing ways his farm (and Iowa) plays a part in the Monarch Butterfly's elaborate life cycle that encompasses four generations during their annual migration! You'll also find out why he's learned to love the once-considered pesky milkweed plant and how you achieve a triple bottom line! Read more...