September: Farm Life Journal

By Mark Jackson

Across the Midwest, September marks the seasonal change of colors as crops transition from Mother Nature’s trade-mark shades of green to the golden-brown colors typical with harvest of our two most dominant crops, corn and soybeans. Everything the farmer has been working for during the growing season will soon begin in earnest. Read more....

Expedition Farm Country: Where Forks, Food and Farming Meet

By Erin Wicker

For two days, food enthusiasts of all kinds gobbled up information straight from the source – farmers. Expedition Farm Country took place Aug. 25-26 in southeast Iowa. From metro areas around the state, 38 consumers hopped aboard a bus tour to visit a variety of farms and meet the faces and families growing food, fuel and fiber around the state. Read more about the trip here...

A Sampling of Fairgoer Input!

During our 11-day presence at the Iowa State Fair, we featured balloon artists, John and Johnna Perry (pictured above), who created an awe-inspiring sculpture of a farm scene. Additionally, our 350+ volunteers connected with over 40,000 fairgoers and handed out over 8,500 cookbooks!

We also invited fairgoers to participate in on-site electronic survey at our booth. Here's a sampling of the results!

Food Conversation is All About You, the Consumer

By Lindsey Foss

With approximately 20,000 regional, national and international guests in Iowa for the World Pork Expo last month, what do you think a recurring theme of discussion was?


In a seminar titled, “Farm to Fork: Healthy Animals, Healthy Food, Healthy People,” three panelists discussed how shoppers’ choices impact farmers, retailers and all those involved in the farm-to-table process.