Thanksgiving Traditions

By Ann Thelen

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we asked Iowa Food & Family Project partners to share their favorite foods or traditions with us.These Iowans celebrate in special ways – much like your own families have sentimental ways to enjoy this season of gratitude.

Comfort with a Dash of Nostalgia

By Ann Thelen

There is something about the sun setting earlier, the crisp air and the sensory pleasures of autumn that make you want to put a pot of soup on the stove or serve up your family’s favorite comfort foods.

Special memories and the foods we associate with those times and events are the embodiment of comfort foods. These foods come in many forms, but it’s usually that special – and maybe a bit unusual – pairing of foods that get our taste buds going.

September: Farm Life Journal

By Mark Jackson

Across the Midwest, September marks the seasonal change of colors as crops transition from Mother Nature’s trade-mark shades of green to the golden-brown colors typical with harvest of our two most dominant crops, corn and soybeans. Everything the farmer has been working for during the growing season will soon begin in earnest. Read more....

July: Farm Life Journal

By Mark Jackson

In this month's Farm Life Journal, Mark Jackson is sharing ways his farm (and Iowa) plays a part in the Monarch Butterfly's elaborate life cycle that encompasses four generations during their annual migration! You'll also find out why he's learned to love the once-considered pesky milkweed plant and how you achieve a triple bottom line! Read more...