Iowa State Fair

A Sampling of Fairgoer Input!

During our 11-day presence at the Iowa State Fair, we featured balloon artists, John and Johnna Perry (pictured above), who created an awe-inspiring sculpture of a farm scene. Additionally, our 350+ volunteers connected with over 40,000 fairgoers and handed out over 8,500 cookbooks!

We also invited fairgoers to participate in on-site electronic survey at our booth. Here's a sampling of the results!

23,000 Balloons: One Amazing Tribute to Iowa Farmers!

By Erin Wicker

John and Johnna Perry of Kansas City, Missouri, are world record holders in the balloon sculpture field and have brought their talents center stage at the Iowa State Fair with the Iowa Food & Family Project. Learn more about the Perry’s, their art and what you can expect to see when you stop by the exhibit in the south atrium of the Varied Industries Building!

Beef and Noodle Sundae

Rich and Hearty Beef & Noodle Sundaes

by Cristen Clark

They say a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Feed people good food, and they’ll be happy. I’ve found that comfort foods always deliver on this promise. Comfort foods also have the ability to transport you to a place and time, remind you of memories of the past, or, in this case, are rich and hearty enough to squelch big-time hunger after a long day of physical work.

How to Prepare Iowa Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn: Enjoy the favorite mouthwatering Iowa icon all year round!

By Julie Van Manen, Farm Life in Black and White

This time of year fresh Iowa sweet corn can be found in various locations including local grocery stores, roadside stands, farmyards and backyard gardens.  For nearly two decades, sweet corn has been an important part of my children’s lives as they became involved in the sweet corn business at the ages of five and three.