Mark Jackson

December: Farm Life Journal

By Mark Jackson

The magical month of December is a time to celebrate all things family and embrace the bounties of the year’s harvest and life’s treasures. As Mark Jackson wraps up his final installment in his yearlong Farm Life Journal series, he shares memories of times long gone by and what winter will be like on the farm. Read more...

September: Farm Life Journal

By Mark Jackson

Across the Midwest, September marks the seasonal change of colors as crops transition from Mother Nature’s trade-mark shades of green to the golden-brown colors typical with harvest of our two most dominant crops, corn and soybeans. Everything the farmer has been working for during the growing season will soon begin in earnest. Read more....

Farm Life Journal

Meet Mark Jackson, a grain and livestock farmer from Rose Hill (a small town located near Oskaloosa in Mahaska County, or about 73 miles from Des Moines). Mark and his wife JoAnn live on a century farm (it’s been in the family for more than 100 years) and have two grown children and energetic grandchildren! Follow along each month as Mark chronicles the events and activities that make farm life different – and similar – to yours! To view Mark's journal follow this link: